Friday, 24 January 2014

Returned 23/01/14

I have no clue how to start this post without it sounding painfully forced and awkward. Such is life when you haven't consistently blogged in almost a year.

I've thought a lot about returning to the blogging world over the past few months. I think what made me so wary of actually doing so was that I couldn't help but see blogging as hopelessly and unjustifiably narcissistic. Whenever someone asked me what I blogged about, I was always ashamed in part to say that I posted photos of myself and what I wore. It sounded really superficial to me. However, I don't think of that as the case anymore. There's nothing wrong with appreciating yourself and what you wear and wanting to share that with the world. I've never understood why people are expected to be constantly modest, and I think it's healthy to acknowledge what you like about yourself, even through such a public medium. I like what I wear. I like interacting with people in the blogging community. I like documenting my life. I'm getting self-conscious about how many times I've said the word "I" in this post.

I don't know why I'm trying to justify blogging to a bunch of people who probably also blog themselves.

I had all these things that I wanted to say in this post and promptly forgot them as soon as I sat down to write it, so I'll just leave this here. Hopefully, this post will be the first of many. We'll see how it goes.

(photo of me at the White Cube gallery in Bermondsey taken by the lovely Olivia R., xoxo)

Monday, 22 April 2013


Sweater - 9 Crow Street
Shorts - Lip Service
Shoes - Buffalo
Backpack - The Cobra Shop

Oh my god HELLO. It's been a long time since I last blogged. Idk I'm not gonna make excuses because excuses are LAME. I will just get on with life/this post.

I took these pictures in Vancouver the other day after going to Vancouver Fan Expo with a friend of mine and OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD. I got some of prints of people's fan art and just wandered around gaping at everyone's costumes. Some of them were so detailed and wonderful and oh my god I'm still saying oh my god about it because it was perfect. There was a Severus Snape and a Jon Snow and some bad-ass Star Trek girls with the cutest dresses on. I won't go into too much detail because I could talk about the con for pages, but if there's ever any comic con in your neighbourhood, I highly suggest going. Other than that, I went thrifting with my mom and found a perfect Game of Thrones dress that I'm going to fix up to look like something Margaery Tyrell would wear, just 4 the lolz.

As for the outfit, it's a conglomerate of my favourite things at this moment. Bubble backpack? Plastic shorts? Fancy sneakers? It's all good. These shorts are Lip Service, which makes them automatically perfect, and they're super shiny with no pockets on the butt, so it's ALL AROUND SHINE. And, let me ask you, who doesn't want a shiny butt? 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Sweater - Oh Hell
Shorts - Bad Vibes
Shoes - Buffalo
Choker - Hot Topic
Bracelet - Hot Topic

HELLO this is probably the most ~tumblr~ you have ever seen me looking. I apologize. But not because I freaking LOVE these shorts. Idk if u have a problem with my freaky internet clothing then, like, don't read my blog? IDK?

Okay, but let's be real about these shorts. They are PERFECT and they're from Bad Vibes, aka Tunnel Vision's house brand. If you don't know about Tunnel Vision I will be SERIOUSLY confused because it is so good and the girls who run it are the coolest babes ever (aka Brit and Madeline). All of the Bad Vibes stuff is totally vegan and lovely. Their stuff is a bit pricey, but it's all ethical shit and the money goes to good people, and when it comes to supporting female-owned female-run businesses, I'm willing to pay more than usual!

As for life: I head back home to London in less than two days and I am DYING. I just want to be able to creep the Gower St. set of Sherlock to see if they'll be filming there and eat dim sum at the Friendly Inn and play Sims 3 on my computer because I am a nerd and dye my hair blue because I'm not allowed to do it here at school.


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

tropical mesh

 Shirt - American Apparel
Shorts - The Pulp Girls
Shoes - Buffalo
Choker - Hot Topic
Bracelet - Hot Topic

It seems to silly to write about my life on this blog when nothing is happening to me. Like who am I, John Watson? IF U GET THE REFERENCE U GET A GOLDEN STAR. I've spent my time inside doing schoolwork and re-reading Les Misérables. Because I am still not finished it. After two whole months. I just got to the Marius section of it today and I am SO GLAD because Les Amis are my favourite characters, alongside Cosette. Book-Cosette is so much better than musical-Cosette just by the way. My favourite of Les Amis is probably this one dude called Jehan who is just so lovely and poetic and likes flowers and!!! I just want to date him (as you know if you followed me on twitter because 50% of my tweets are 'jehan date me'). Which is a bit of a problem seeing as he's been dead for, like, over a hundred and fifty years and he's also a fictional character #life.

As for the ~outfit~, I got these shorts from a 100% perfect store called The Pulp Girls and their clothing is just so good. It's all secondhand stuff and the photo shoots that they do are amazing and ethereal and I just love them. I'm saying this all of my own accord, just by the way. There's no compensation whatever going on. These shorts are gr8 and I want to wear them all the time, but I can't wear them at school because they're see-through and really short and the administration doesn't think I should be able to show my body in whatever way I want. Also #life.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Shirt - 9 Crow Street
Trousers - Cyberdog
Shoes - Buffalo
Bracelet - Hot Topic
Choker - Hot Topic
Blue Lipstick - Illamasqua

Sorry to be so boring in my blog posts (writing-wise), but nothing is going on in my life. I have a ton of school work, which is weird because I usually don't have a lot. I go back to London in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait. I'm going to see Bear's Den in concert again when I get there, so! That's something to look forwards to! I actually have the lamest taste in music. I just listen to show tunes and folksy stuff and sad instrumental music most of the time. I am also the worst at finding good music so if you know some good sad instrumental music or just good music in general, TELL ME. I want to listen to it. I need to broaden my horizons u guyz.

If you notice that my accessories and makeup are basically the same in my last post and this post, it's because I took a ton of outfit shots in like 30 minutes and it was a rush. Especially with these leggings, since they take five million years to put on and are the least comfortable things I have ever put on my body. Except they're also the most beautiful things I have ever put on my body. Woops.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

black and grey

Shirt - Topshop
Skirt - Sparkle and Fade
Sneakers - Buffalo
Collar - Hot Topic
Bracelet - Hot Topic

WELL it's been a long time since I blogged. Which sucks because I actually really like blogging? I just had zero creativity when it came to getting dressed these past few weeks and no time to take pictures. Until an AWESOME human being (u know who u are) emailed me about taking pictures and WOW THEY TURNED OUT REALLY WELL OK.

During my brief hiatus, I've basically done nothing but school which isn't interesting at all. I went to Boston a couple weeks ago to visit my sister and (because I'm a super lucky human being) I got there the weekend that Nemo aka the weird giant snowstorm blizzard thing was happening. I spent the weekend walking through the snow and shovelling snow and eating a ton of food and watching TV inside my sister's dorm because of the snow. I started watching Game of Thrones too and WOW OK IT IS SO GOOD. It's really sexual like 25% of the time but WHO EVEN CARES. I also met up with my ~internet friend~ Maxine in Boston whom I hadn't seen IRL since seventh grade (HA MIDDLE SCHOOL) and we got vegan food and frozen yogurt. Obviously we are not vegan because. frozen yogurt. 

Okay that is what I shall leave u all with for now. I have some other photos lined up so yeah. I'll be blogging again soon xoxo

Sunday, 3 February 2013

neon palm trees

Sweater - Oh Hell
Dress - Melrose Trading Post
Shoes - Buffalo
Lipstick - Illamasqua

I got this dress months ago with Larissa when I was in LA in October and totally forgot about it until last week. Like, neon palm trees?? Could you get any more perfect??

Not much has happened since I last blogged. I feel like John Watson saying that ("Nothing ever happens to me"). I'm going to the East coast on Thursday to visit one of my sisters, which should be exciting, since I haven't seen her in a month, and I'll definitely take a ton of blog photos ahead of time then so that I don't have to stress about taking photos whilst I'm at school. I just don't have the energy to go out and get dressed and find someone to take photos for me who isn't busy when I'm free.

Anyways, that is all! I'm off to watch some Merlin now. Because that is basically all I do with my life.