Sunday, 24 June 2012


Dress - Forever 21
Boots - Doc Martens
Necklace - Rokit

Okay, I feel like we just need to address the fact that this dress if from Forever 21. I was dragged there the other day by my friends and WHOLLY intended on not buying anything because of its really sketchy labour policies, but then I saw this dress and it was so bad. I spent half an hour in the store trying to make myself not buy it and then I cracked. I still feel guilty about it. But thankfully we're going to this place called Little Five Points tomorrow, which is like the Camden Town of Georgia, and I can redeem myself there in all that secondhand glory.

YEAH okay so going off that, THERE ARE NO THRIFT STORES HERE. In easy access, at least. Thank GAWD there's fabulous vintage/thrift-wear in Vancouver, or I'd die a sad, sad, uniform-filled death next year. I was originally going to maybe tone it down for the first couple weeks at my new school but then I was like HOLY CRAP YOU GUYZ WHAT THOUGHTS ARE GOING THROUGH MY MIND??? TONE IT DOWN??? NEVER! So now I'm on the lookout for platform combat boots and neon everything and alien guitar picks to make into fabulous accessories and HAH who currrrrs about FRIENDZ next year when I have a spandex jumpsuit to rock me to sleep at night.

Fabulous photo credzzz to that sister that I have. But actually though, I effing love these photos. They're. so. great.

HEY and just to leave you with this, I took a photo of this frog today and it's awesome and it just looks so content with life. It's such a sage frog. Such profound wisdom.


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I love the contrast between the dress and your shoes/make up.

  2. awesome dress! it looks great with the boots! xx

  3. ahha loving the froggy woggy. and you look pretty phantasmical yourself! And super lucky to be on holiday, oh how I wish I was out of this country and travelling.

    rebecca x

  4. Y'know, it seems that forever 21 does get a bad wrap, especially if youre a shopper whos over 21, (like myself) right ? Does that mean us old farts are trying hard to being forever 21 but were just too fucking old and should go shop at Chicos or GAP instead ?

    Besides that whatever rant above, I will say that you look adorable, like a cupcake, like I want to eat you. Anyway, I forgive your forever 21 mishap, cause you did well. x

  5. love this outfit ! and the frog is so cute

  6. I love how you paired a cheerful orange dress with rockin' bold lips and boots. And I enjoy the seemingly wise frog. I feel like he should address me as "Young Grasshopper".


  7. I love Little Five Points! It is very cool. Also, sage frog is very cool.

  8. I just need to tell you: you seem really fucking awesome. You're from London (one of my favorite cities in the world), you're a feminist, you dress nicely, you wear Docs, you're not afraid to wear dark lipstick, etc.

    Girl crush. I'm really digging your dress, but I'm the same way with F21. I haven't bought anything there in... years? I can't really remember.

    And these photos are great.