Thursday, 21 February 2013

black and grey

Shirt - Topshop
Skirt - Sparkle and Fade
Sneakers - Buffalo
Collar - Hot Topic
Bracelet - Hot Topic

WELL it's been a long time since I blogged. Which sucks because I actually really like blogging? I just had zero creativity when it came to getting dressed these past few weeks and no time to take pictures. Until an AWESOME human being (u know who u are) emailed me about taking pictures and WOW THEY TURNED OUT REALLY WELL OK.

During my brief hiatus, I've basically done nothing but school which isn't interesting at all. I went to Boston a couple weeks ago to visit my sister and (because I'm a super lucky human being) I got there the weekend that Nemo aka the weird giant snowstorm blizzard thing was happening. I spent the weekend walking through the snow and shovelling snow and eating a ton of food and watching TV inside my sister's dorm because of the snow. I started watching Game of Thrones too and WOW OK IT IS SO GOOD. It's really sexual like 25% of the time but WHO EVEN CARES. I also met up with my ~internet friend~ Maxine in Boston whom I hadn't seen IRL since seventh grade (HA MIDDLE SCHOOL) and we got vegan food and frozen yogurt. Obviously we are not vegan because. frozen yogurt. 

Okay that is what I shall leave u all with for now. I have some other photos lined up so yeah. I'll be blogging again soon xoxo


  1. Literally just got that skirt in the mail. Looove.

  2. ok. wait. I love like LIKE A LOT. That skirt is way too great. And I really enjoy all the grey going on in these pictures. yaaaaaaa A+++

  3. YAY, missed you and your killer style. Great photos.


  4. you are incredibly brilliant

  5. I love your outfit ... it suits you so good. And your Lipstick is awesome.

  6. babe your style is legit incredible omg. so in love.

  7. Cool outfit I like your top! I am super into midi skirts right now

  8. OH MY GOD?!??!?!? HOW????? IS?!??! THIS!??!? POSSIBLE?!??!

    hyperventilating n shit

    bcuz ur so gewd


  9. Dude, I actually REALLY LOVE this outfit! I mean all kind of minimal and almost corporate like and then BAM spiked choker and buffalo shoes. This is some geewd shit! I like it. A lot. Yeah.